terça-feira, julho 19, 2005

De Volta

Cá estou eu de novo.

Depois das férias e de um periodo um pouco negro na vida pessoal, decidi voltar com algumas sugestöes.

Mais tarde, lista de albums a ouvir.

quarta-feira, maio 04, 2005

Ellen Allien - Thrills

Bpitch Control

Press Release:

This summer sees the release of Ellen Allien’s third studio album. Taking time out from running her Bpitch Control label that has just turned 100 and constant global deck duties, Berlin’s Ms. Allien brings us ‘Thrills’.

“An album is a work from a period in one’s life,” states Ellen. “Constantly rushing around through clubs makes me feel distracted. I’m no longer grounded. Instead, I’m still floating somewhere inside this club action, fluttering through the night, standing between the bass drum and the emotions of the people. I’m totally absent. Often I’m no longer inside my own body. When I have more time, when I’m on holiday or just lying around in my bed, I can finally start to process things. I don’t often have this peacefulness in my life, and it’s the same with music. Learning to say no is a virtue, being able to concentrate on only one thing - my own thing. Making an album mainly means coming down, relaxing, finding myself again, making contact with myself again, finding out where I want to go, showing what I’m capable of. It’s a nice process, returning to the things I like.”

In the meantime, Ellen Allien no longer places the primary emphasis on testing her own abilities, perspectives (Stadtkind) and links to current movements in electronic music (Berlinette). Rather, her third album “Thrills” makes a clear statement: Her passions have become her profession. This also means that she has withdrawn from the daily grind of being a label manager to allow herself as much freedom as possible – namely to define herself as an artist, with all it entails. And that can only work based on the well-oiled team at BPitch Control giving her the necessary logistical support.

Concentration is vital. Creative expression has always been her outlet in the search for the thrill of sensing and feeling. On “Thrills” this builds up to a great moment of clarity. Ellen Allien puts her two feet on the ground and lets her thoughts play in the clouds. Thrills may be her balance between concentration and relaxation. She perceives excitement as a single moment, in which half-closed eyes show the surroundings in a blur, when one can feel a slight tingling beneath the scalp. This bodily sensation, of being “here and now”, may be an intention of “Thrills”, to hold on tight to this one moment of clarity. For Ellen Allien, music is expression and at the same time, a channel.
‘Thrills’ is a result of excellent teamwork with Holger Zielske (Smash TV) with whom she also produced ‘Stadtkind’ and ‘Berlinette’. But the making of ‘Thrills’ is not only defined by concentrated and experienced working methods.

The ability to let go and to feel like oneself also requires a very free and relaxed approach to handling production technologies. With new-old units like the Roland 808 and an ARP 2600 a much warmer, non-digital sound emerged, which also altered the music in a new and at the same time an old way. On ‘Thrills’ one can now interpret Ellen Allien’s search for a way to merge man and technology as an intermediate result among many others. Nevertheless, despite these recurring sound frames, Ellen Allien remains a tinkerer who objects to staying in comfortable, well known surroundings. The ARP 2600 has become Ellen Allien’s new favourite instrument, for which she searched for two months on Ebay. Her love of technology is also elementary to “Thrills”, while always remaining a means to an end – not vice versa.

Ellen Allien allows herself the freedom she needs to let out this inner thrill, this ecstasy, which can be experienced by producer and consumers alike. Her years of travel, the incredible flood of sensations, the filtering, capturing and framing, has, meanwhile, helped Ellen Allien to perceive herself more strongly. She no longer feels lost in this world – on the contrary. The relaxedness which emanates from “Thrills”, without being slow or chilly, is a sign of maturity. Ellen Allien has found her musical path, her orientation. She has built her own system of coordinates. She seeks out traces, and finds them. Ellen Allien’s musical future is a link between past and present even though she thinks that “future is dust”.

The clarity of sound on “Thrills”, the coherence, which finds its basis in Ellen Allien’s personal history, refers to memories – ones that were really experienced and not just re-produced feelings – which are still so moving that they not only become the sound of a whole generation, but also the soundtrack to her own biography. Ellen Allien’s technoid, electroid roots, the everlasting game of asking the question “What else can you do with it?” shows that techno has not come to an end by a long way – on the contrary. Because with every shout of “Techno Is Dead”, it is newly born with a different face, which at least on ‘Thrills’ is very coherent and self-contained and invites you to linger. And all this time, Ellen Allien’s orientation toward what rocks the hardest, what makes the dance floor boil over, is emblematic of her life and experience as a DJ. The bass is always the common thread and the vocals and melodies twirl around it.

‘Thrills’ is preceded by the single ‘Magma’ (BPC 105) featuring remixes from The MFA and Modeselektor on 16 May 2005. Catch Ellen DJing at The Poke, London on 22 April and at All Tomorrows Parties, Camber Sands 23 April.


1 COME 6:39
6 DOWN 4:38
10 MAGMA 5:56


terça-feira, maio 03, 2005

Deadbeat - New World Observer


Third Album for scape by the legendary Deadbeat. The open seas - the pirates' domain - have long been a site of resistance. And if reggae, one of the world's great resistance genres, is an island ghetto music, dub is ocean song, brimming with tidal swells and pinging with the secret language of sonar. These freedoms are turned loose in the music of Deadbeat, aka Montreal's Scott Monteith. Equally influenced by German techno, dub reggae, and the digital dub of his mentor Pole, Deadbeat plumbs the unfathomable aquatic mass of the deep blue in his bottom-dredging bass lines, coral-clacking clicks, and untethered melodies. Deadbeat's third album for Scape, New World Observer, is his most accomplished attempt yet to fuse dub, techno, and ambient music into a complex, undulating form. It would be silly to call this a 'political' album, but the record's influences demonstrate how the tenor of the times filters into music that might at first listen be deemed a product for leisure consumption. If you listen closely to the introduction of "Abu Ghraib," you'll hear the appalling rhetoric of a certain North American right-wing radio announcer slowed to a brainnumbing crawl. in AB-CD

It’s interesting to see how purveyors of broken dubwise minimalism have tried to diversify their sound over the last couple of years. In thrall to the prototypes of Basic Channel and, later, their rhythm and sound incarnation, the sound reached a cultural climax with the release of Pole’s seminal first album back in 1998.From there on this generic microcosm unfurled at an exponential rate, bringing to the world the House modifications of Kit Clayton and his Belief Systems, the Scape imprint and a seemingly unstoppable roster of producers guided by the presets and configurations perfected by their master. As the scene has progressed these new diversifications have been necessary to keep the movement, well, moving, something quite evidently at the forefront of Scott Monteith's thinking cap while recording this excellent new album. in Boomkat

domingo, maio 01, 2005

Albums Avulso #4

A última fornada, de albums deste ano, a ter em conta.

Bitstream - Domestic Economy 7 [Modern Love / Boomkat] Electronic, IDM
Boom Bip - Blue Eyed In The Red Room [Lex Records] Electronic, Leftfield, IDM, Post Rock
Goldmund - Corduroy Road [Type Records] Electronic, Modern Classical, Minimal
Jaga Jazzist - What We Must [Ninja Tune / Smalltown Supersound] Electronic, Rock, Future Jazz, Post Rock
Jesu - Jesu [Hydra Head] Electronic, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient
Monolake - Invisible Force [Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music] Electronic, Abstract, Techno
Out Hud - Let Us Never Speak Of It Again [Kranky / Studio !K7] Electronic, Rock, Leftfield, Disco
Quinoline Yellow - Dol-Goy Assist [Skam] Electronic, Leftfield, Abstract, IDM, Ambient
The Books - Lost And Safe [Tomlab] Electronic, Leftfield, Folk Rock, Experimental

quarta-feira, abril 27, 2005

Mais Concertos / Fabrik

10 de Maio - Jaga Jazzist

16 de Maio - Femi Kuti & The Positive Force

9 de Agosto - The Polyphonic Spree

10 de Agosto - Yo La Tengo

Fabrik / Hamburg

terça-feira, abril 26, 2005

Albums Avulso #3

Bibio - Fi [Mush] Electronic, Rock, Experimental, Ambient
Caribou - The Milk of Human Kindness [Leaf] Electronic, Rock, Leftfield, Krautrock, Downtempo, Indie Rock
Nicolette - Life Loves Us [Mono¨Cromatica] Electronic, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Experimental
Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep [Big Dada] Hip Hop, RnB/Swing, Ragga HipHop

domingo, abril 24, 2005


Comecei a consumir há coisa de um ano, hoje em dia visito dezenas delas. Por agora ficam aqui estes links, säo aquelas que me fizeram continuar a explorar este mundo, que a meu ver näo tem fim. O que é uma netlabel? A Wikipedia responde.

Autoplate / Thinner - Alemanha

Autres Directions In Music - França

Monotonik - E.U.A.

Sutemos - Lituânia

Testtube - Portugal

TonAtom - Alemanha

Albums Avulso #2

E cá estamos nós com a segunda parte dos albums que por algumas razöes merecem o destaque, desta feita vamos deixar crescer o cabelo porque vem aí o "Roque".

Bardo Pond - Cypher Documents [Three Lobed Recordings] Space Rock, Alternative Rock
Mogwai - Government Commissions: BBC Sessions 1996-2003 [PIAS UK] Experimental Rock, Instrumental, Post Rock
Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn [Neurot Recordings] Alternative Rock

sábado, abril 23, 2005

Qual Comprar?

Já há alguns meses que ando com isto na cabeca, comprar um prato. Näo o tenho por causa de outros bens de primeira necessidade, näo quer dizer que este näo o seja. Encalhei nestes dois.

Technics Plattenspieler SL-1200 MK5

• Quarz-Direkt Antrieb
• Alu-Druckgußgehäuse / Gummeeinlage
• Brake Speed Control
• Gleichstrommotor
• Massearmer Tonarm mit Kardanauflösung
• Helikoid-Tonarmhöheneinstellung
• Brake Speed Control
• Skaliertes Tonarmende
• Antiskating (6g),
• Pitch-Reset

Technische Daten

Typ: Quarzgest. Direktantrieb
Drehzahl: 33 1/3 und 45 RPM
Pitchbereich: +/- 8%
Start/Stop: < 0,7 sek.
Drehmoment: 1,5 kg/cm
Maße: 453 x 172 x 355 mm
Gewicht: 12 kg

Technics Plattenspieler SL-1210 M5G


• Pitch Reset
• Pitch Control (8% oder 16%)
• Brake Speed Control
• Blaue Beleuchtung
• Statisch balancierter S-förmiger Tonarm
• Höhenverstellbarer Tonarm
• Hochwertiges Audio-Kabel
• Skaliertes Tonarmende
• Schockabsorbierende Füße
• Antiskating (6g)
• Schwarzes Hochglanzfinish

Technische Daten

Typ: Quarzgest. Direktantrieb
Drehzahl: 33 1/3 und 45 RPM
Pitchbereich: +/- 8 / 16%
Start/Stop: <0.7sek.
Drehmoment: 1500g/cm
Maße: 453 x 172 x 355 mm
Gewicht: 11kg

Albums Avulso #1

Depois de ter feito, há uns dias atrás, a lista dos melhores de 2005 até ao momento, hoje vai uma fornada de outros albums a ter em conta. Alguns destes, só por muito pouco näo entraram nas contas anteriores. Mas muita coisa ainda está para sair ou já saiu, mas ainda näo tive a oportunidade de lhes pôr os ouvidos em cima. Nem todos estäo no mundo da electrónica, de vez em quando também faz bem mudar de ares.

Andrew Bird - The Mysterious Productions of Eggs [Righteous Babe Records] Folk Rock
Ani DiFranco - Knuckle Down [Righteous Babe Records] Folk Rock
Animal Collective & Vashti Bunyan - Prospect Hummer [Fat Cat] Electronic, Indie Rock, Experimental
Archer Prewitt - Wilderness [Thrill Jockey] Folk Rock, Indie Pop
Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs [Ici D'Ailleurs] Experimental, Electronic, Rock

sexta-feira, abril 22, 2005

Warp Records News

‘Big City Loser’, the debut EP by Chok Rock (aka Parisian musician Gael Baillier) is rereleased on Warp on 25 April, re-mastered and with an extra track on the CD entitled ‘Take A Plane’.

Originally released in a limited pressing on the Parisian label Chateaurouge, a copy of the 12" ended up in the Rough Trade shop where one of the band !!! (on a rare afternoon's break from touring last year) heard it, flipped out and brought it to Warp's attention. Gael was immediately tracked down and bundled onto the next Eurostar to London... Further EPs and an album will follow in 2005/6 on Warp. Chok Rock is chopped-up, electronic funk with deconstructed vocals and bits of guitar - "Akufen meets Parliament" as Trevor Jackson put it.

CHOK ROCK will appear alongside other Warp artists at the third annual Vasarely Festival in Aix-En-Provence on 3rd - 5th June.

Gael Baillier started out as a guitarist in the band the Smouth Mohols (the Sweet Mussels), whose short career culminated in a single gig at the Rex Club in Paris. On this mythical stage, Gael hypnotised his friends with never-ending Van Halen-style solos. But faced with a general lack of interest from the public and the record labels he left the ‘mussels’ behind...

After founding and successfully developing a sound design company, he discovered electronic music and rediscovered Shuggie Otis, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson and Timmy Thomas and invested all he had in a new studio, bankrupting his company in the process (to this day his business partner wants him dead).
Gael retreated to his small Parisian flat/studio that became a refuge for other wandering souls of Paris by night. One such soul was Camille Bazbaz who memorably defined the CHOK ROCK sound as "a futuristic dampness impregnated with sex" as only a Parisian can. He also met Cyril Kebellian, genius and mega-guitarist. Then Check Morris, graphic designer and videomaker, who created the CHOK ROCK visual universe.

Warp Records



Check Morris

Que Dizer?

Que dizer, quando entras num mundo onde sentes a vida através de sons?

Que dizer, quando és projectado contra uma parede, durante horas sem te conseguires mexer?

Que dizer, quando consegues cheirar cada ruído?

Que dizer, quando tu és uma marioneta comandada por alguém brutal e sem o minímo de respeito?

Que dizer, quando o teu corpo move-se sem qualquer direccäo ou destino?

Que dizer, quando o mais infímo movimento te eleva a um ponto nunca antes alcancado?

Que dizer, quando isto tudo, talvez tenha sido só um sonho?

Que dizer, quando passadas algumas horas, o teu corpo continua a movimentar-se sem qualquer direccäo ou destino?

Que dizer, quando passadas algumas horas, continuas a conseguir cheirar cada décibel deixado no ar?

Isso mesmo, näo há mesmo nada a dizer.

quinta-feira, abril 21, 2005

terça-feira, abril 19, 2005

Venetian Snares

Depois de ter editado Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole a 20 de Janeiro através da Sublight Records, Inc., Rossz Csillag Alatt Született a 14 de Marco pela Planet Mu, vem aí, já a 20 de Junho, novamente editado pela Planet Mu, um novo album de nome Meathole.

O único senäo no meio disto tudo, é o senhor Funk näo passar aqui pela Alemanha.

Autechre European Tour 2005

April 05Thu 14 London. + Rob Hall, Mark Broom, Baby Ford SOLD OUT
Fri 15 Glasgow. Arts School ¬
Sat 16 Manchester. Zoo ¬ SOLD OUT
Sun 17 Nottingham. Stealth ¬
Mon 18 Paris. Point Ephemere
Tue 19 Antwerp. Petrol *
Wed 20 Eindhoven. Effenaar *
Thu 21 Hamburg. Blomen und Planeten *
Fri 22 Berlin. Maria * (+ O.S.T. & Errorsmith)
Sat 23 Koln. Sensor *
Sun 24 Mannheim. MS Connexion *
Mon 25 Reims. La Cartonnerie *
Tue 26 Lyon. DV1*
Wed 27 Geneva. L'Usine *
Thu 28 Marseille. La Friche Belle De Mai *
Fri 29 Rome. Brancaleone *
Sat 30 Bologna.

Link *NB: All dates with DJ Rob Hall
¬ = with DJ Mark Broom
* = with SND(live)

Warp Records

Finalmente...chegou a oportunidade de ver os mestres.

segunda-feira, abril 18, 2005

Editora do Dia #2

African Dope Records

African Dope Records is an independent label from Cape Town, South Africa, releasing fresh beats and breaks by artists from Cape Town since April 2000. It is the brainchild of Cape Town beats n breaks dj/producer team Krushed & Sorted, who started and run the label from its HQ in the centre of Cape Town.

The label has grown rapidly from a couple of djs with a couple of crates of records and high ambitions, into the definitive voice of the new wave of South African music - colourblind, bass heavy, an exotic blend of third world style and first world production values. With a strong emphasis on high quality production made on low-budget gear, African Dope has clearly changed the way South Africans see the leftfield of SA music, and has almost single-handedly sparked a mini music revolution for groove-based beats in Cape Town and other cities.

This contribution to the SA music scene became official when the 'African Dope Vol 1' compilation won a 2002 SAMA award for 'Best Dance Album'. [African Dope Records]

Albums preferidos por aqui, säo:

Felix Laband - Thin Shoes in June..., cd.2001
Kalahari Surfers - Akasic Records, cd.2001
Felix Laband - 4/4 Down The Stairs, cd.2002
Kalahari Surfers - Muti Media, cd.2003
Sibot & Markus Wormstorm - The Real Estate Agents, 3xcd.????


At only 17, Connor Kirby-Long is Type's youngest artist! Such a young age and Connor is already crafting the most beautiful electro accoustic works we at Type have heard. Imagine a blend of classic American folk music, 80s new wave sentiment, all with the modern gloss and production techniques of electronica.
Type will be handling the debut release of this fresh and mysterious new talent. If you hold any love for the beautiful, melodic and romantic excesses of 'The Smiths', 'David Sylvian' or more recently 'Jim 'O Rourke' then Khonnor is the man to watch. - in Type Records

Khonnor is a 17-year-old wonderboy from smalltown Vermont, usa - who has somehow managed to craft the most startling singer-songwriter debut we’ve heard in years. with an uncanny maturity and a gleefully rebellious lack of regard for generic restraint, Connor Kirby-long has taken influence from the sonic disruptions and considered melodic dimensions of outsider heroes like Christian Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke, Sonic Youth and even The Smiths.....all in between dodging maths class and fitting in his homework. - in Boomkat


- Lost Pets, mp3.2003 [Please do Something] Electronic, IDM, Experimental, Leftfield
- Handwriting, lp.2004 [Type Records] Electronic, Abstract, Experimental
- Handwriting, cd.2004 [Type Records] Electronic, Abstract, Experimental
- Live From Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, mp3.2004 [Please do Something] Electronic, IDM, Experimental, Leftfield

Novos Sons

Ontem foi dia da feira mensal, näo muito longe do bairro onde vivo. Muito vinil, muito mesmo, mas mais virado para o Rock de outras décadas (60/70/80), muito pouco ou quase nenhuma electrónica, a razäo da minha ida á feira. 3 destes albums já os tinha em mp3, mas quando tenho a oportunidade de os arranjar originais e baratos, näo a deixo fugir.

Alec Empire - Limited Editions 1990-94, cd.1994 [Mille Plateaux's Releases] [Mille Plateaux Media] Electronic, Illbient, Abstract, Ambient

Alec Empire - Les Etoiles Des Filles Mortes, cd.1996 [Mille Plateaux's Releases] [Mille Plateaux Media] Electronic, Experimental

Bola - Soup, cd.1998 [Skam] Electronic, Downtempo, Ambient

dDamage - Radio Ape, cd.2004 [Planet Mu] Electronic, IDM

Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale, cd.2004 [Planet Mu] Electronic, Leftfield, Abstract, IDM

Eight Miles High - Katalog, cd.2002 [Klang Elektronik] Electronic, Techno, Experimental

Tweaker - The Attraction To All Things Uncertain, cd.2001 [Six Degrees Records] Electronic, Rock, Alternative Rock, Industrial, Ambient