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Post de Escuta

Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Allat Született, cd.2005 [Planet Mu] Electronic, Glitch, Breakcore, Noise
Hecate - The Magick Of Female Ejaculation, 2x12".2001 [Zhark International / Praxis] Electronic, IDM, Noise, Glitch
Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't, cd.2005 [Planet Mu] Electronic, Abstract, IDM, Noise, Experimental
Genetic Drugs & Jasmon - Spacecake, cd.2004 [Blue Frame] World Fusion, Electronic Ambient, Reggae
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About Alog

Alog is the brainchild of Espen Sommer Eide and Dag-Are Haugan. One dark and snow-stormy day in the winter of 1997, the band was born in a basement of a Kindergarten in Tromsoe - a city located in the far north of Norway. This day a string of happy coincidences led them to meet up for a session of tablas and guitar, of which they had no idea would evolve into a creative burst of ideas, involving all kinds of found instruments and collected sounds. The set of 4-track recordings of these dark-but-warm winter constellations eventually made it onto Alog's debut release on Rune Grammofon, entitled Red Shift Swing . In 2001 they followed up with the critically acclaimed Duck-Rabbit CD.
The Duck-Rabbit is a famous gestalt psychological figure representing both a duck and a rabbit depending upon the point of view. This shifting and switching character is an essential part of the Alog ethos. Even the very word alog has this shifting quality, never settling into one meaning but playing with the stems of a large collection of interconnected words like analog , dialog , logic, a logbook, catalogue, analogy and so on. Alog promises always to strive for the unexpected and surprising - the unsettling and unnerving quality of sound that escapes any final categorisation.
If one where to choose a word to describe the music of Alog, it would have to be - details . A plethora of miniscule details is carefully arranged so as to inflict the strongest emotional and intellectual impact upon the listener. Like the painting of Ottoman miniatures the construction of new alogic tracks is painstakingly slow, and often involves both extensive travelling in search of the right sounds, and listening through hours upon hours of recorded material for that one second of pure audio bliss. In the alogic studios these tapes are then stitched together - sometimes hiding the joints, sometimes exposing them as open cracks. The use of alogic computer-software developed by the band, is an integral part of this process. With this extreme attention to detail and control, each track takes several months to finish, and a whole album may ferment for years before it is ready for the public. Like good aquavit it has to travel to Australia and back before touching someone's tongue. Live shows sample the current stage of this development, giving a glimpse into the creative process often involving violent improvising and playful experiments. Live they often also team up with the improv-maestro Nicholas H. Møllerhaug on instruments-at-hand, to expand the alogic musical mythology.
"A tangle of lines and a mix of musical languages result - it's Techno, minimalism, electronica, post-rock. It's original, it's derivative, it's spontaneous, it's contrived." - Julian Cowley, The Wire Magazine, UK [in Alog's Site]


- Red Shift Swing, cd.1999
- Duck-Rabbit, cd.2001
- Miniatures, cd.2005

Todos os albums foram lancados pela Rune Grammofon

Pois é!

Ontem foi dia de ir ás compras. O saldo para este mês já estava no limite mas quando se trata de comprar alguma coisa relacionada com musica, nunca é demais. Cá vai a lista:

Einóma - Milli Tónverka, 12".2003 [Vertical Form] Electronic, IDM, Abstract, Experimental

AGF/Delay - Explode, cd.2005 [AGF/Delay] Electronic, Experimental, Minimal

Goldmund - Corduroy Road, cd.2005 [Type Records] Electronic, Modern Classic, Minimal

Marsen Jules - Herbstlaub, lp.2005 [City Centre Offices] Electronic, Ambient
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Minotaur Shock

Continuando na divulgacäo dos sons novos cá por casa, a sorte calhou agora a Minotaur Shock (David Edwards), senhor esse que acabou de lancar uma compilacäo sob outro nome, Bronze Age Fox. Como Minotaur Shock, lancou sempre pela Melodic, albums esses onde IDM, Abstract e Ambient säo palavras de ordem.

For the uninitiated, Minotaur Shock is the solo project of 26 year old Bristolian David Edwards. His debut album Chiff Chaffs and Willow Warblers, received exceptional critical acclaim in December 2001. Rinse, compiles the much sought after first two vinyl only EPs plus extra tracks and shows just how accomplished David Edwards is. Rinse sits nicely next to work from artists such as Aphex, Squarepusher, Prefuse 73, Boards Of Canada and Four Tet. From the space-age scrapes of 'Let Me Out', to one of the best pieces of ambient music anywhere 'Albert Park Music', to the anthemic 'Motoring Britain', it was alway inevitable that this music would have to be released in CD format for the masses. - in Forced Exposure


- Bagatelle EP, 12".2000
- Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers, lp.2001
- Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers, cd.2001
- Motoring Britain EP, 12".2001
- Motoring Britain Remix EP, 12".2001
- Rockpoolin' EP, 12".2002
- Rockpoolin' EP, cd5", 2002
- Rinse, cd.2003

Ver Melodic
segunda-feira, março 21, 2005

Do Outro Lado #2

Como foi dito no post anterior, ouvi ontem falar (seguida de uma pequena audicäo dos mesmos) pela primeira vez de alguns grupos. Consumo musica de algumas editoras onde eles também já se aventuraram, por acaso ainda näo tinha calhado passar os ouvidos pelos seus trabalhos. Näo foi fácil encontrar textos na net, espero que estes textos vos abra o apetite, ou talvez o aprofundar do conhecimento já existente.

Porn Sword Tobacco

There must be something in the water, or maybe something in the air, because the last few months have seen some incredible albums appear out of nowhere, construct precious little stories with trickles of piano, some guitar and some carefully caressed electronic flutters and unusual recording techniques. Albums by Max Richter, Deaf Center, Sylvain Chauveau, Many Fingers, and now this quite stunning debut album from Sweden's Porn Sword Tobacco. You just don’t expect to get a demo in the post from a project with a name as unlikely as ”porn sword tobacco”. You certainly don't expect it to come attached with a beautiful hand-written note explaining how the enclosed tracks were conjured up in the middle of the swedish forrest, in the middle of the night, in a wooden-constructed recording studio known simply as “silence”. PST blend the genius of ambient masterpieces from composers like Harold Budd with something reminiscent of Mike Ink’s seminal work under the “Gas” moniker. Broken emissions, crackles and static, rustling noise, piano, guitar, organ, bass.... Porn Sword Tobacco is more like a broken radio, tuned into a station playing the most beautiful music you have ever heard in your life. Every Track tells a very specific story, told in a language centuries old and yet never before heard in quite this way. Beautiful music. - Boomkat Review

"Henrik Jonsson from Gšteborg has recorded a couple of records in the past you might know or not, but it was not until last summer that this particular project came together. The tracks on this debut release (a full-length is already in the making, the studio has been booked again for the summer) are unique and blend the genius of ambient masterpieces from composers like Harold Budd with something incredible. A burst of noise, crackles and static. Where other musicians use those elements as tiny ingredients for their music, Porn Sword Tobacco is more like broken radio, tuned into a station playing the most beautiful music you have ever heard in your life. Many famous musicians recorded in this studio, up in the north of Sweden. Ever since the 60s, the studio crew has been building one of the most impressive sound-archives in the world, a world recorded on reel-to-reel tape. Amazing acoustics and a collection of wonderful instruments and the constant presence of a very unique ambience make you think that Porn Sword Tobacco might be the modern version of Budd and Eno's The Pearl. It just draws you in, does not let go. Every track tells a very specific story, assembles sketches, drifts off, picks up again, re-adjusts itself all the time, levels noise, piano, guitar, organ, bass , thinks of new chords. Is there a better soundtracks for every season, month, day, hour, second?" - AB-CD Review


- Porn Sword Tobacco, lp.2004 [City Centre Offices] Electronic Abstract, Ambient, Experimental
- Porn Sword Tobacco, cd.2004 [City Centre Offices] Electronic Abstract, Ambient, Experimental

Do Outro Lado #1

Ontem estive aqui SAE Institute, tive a oportunidade de ver o outro lado. Como comeca tudo, onde é produzida a "nossa" musica. Tinha-me inscrito há uns tempos no dito instituto, recebi na semana passada um convite com a possibilidade de participar num workshop, fui. Como näo tenho como pagar um curso lá, fiquei ao menos com uma ideia de como é o outro lado.

Como é normal acontecer nestes casos, troquei algumas experiências com outro pessoal que por lá andava, desde musicais a outras. Fiquem atentos.
sábado, março 19, 2005

Editora do Dia #1

Já há uns tempos tinha pensado nesta iniciativa. Porque näo criar um blog e escrever um pouco sobre as editoras, das quais sou consumidor da sua musica?

Para comecar, fica aqui um excerto da história da primeira contemplada:


Before (K-RAA-K)3

You can’t really explain the history of (K-RAA-K)3 without digging deeper into what happened a few years before the foundation of (k)3 in 1997.
Before (k)3 came across there was Toothpick. It all started when a couple of friends decided to start a tape-label similar to contemporary illustrous labels such as X-pressway, Shrimper, K-records etc...
These three friends were: Johan Loones (later on (k)3), Hendrik Dacquin (now doing visuals for Köhn and Studio Muscle) and Ben Depoorter (currently living in New York and making a living as a lawyer and seducing Australian women)
There wasn’t really a concept except for maybe kicking the ass of the for centuries asleep town of Bruges (and for that matter Belgium). Most artists came from within the inner circle of friends. Most music was linked directly to that infamous lo-fi movement from the mid-nineties. And lo-fi it was, although very shortly after the birth of Toothpick Dave Driesmans (later also (k)3) joined the ranks for the Toothache sublabel which focussed a bit more on electronics. Toothpick organised concerts in living-rooms, a press conference with waffle-baking in record stores, released vinyl and tapes, and started their own fanzine called Toothpick 2000. In fact there were also two Toothpick-festivals. The first one wasn’t really a Toothpick-festival but we just nicked the name from a night organised in Kontich where heroes such as Mountain Goats and Graeme Jefferies played alongside Toothpick-bands Napkin vs Soda (later half of this band became Orange Black), Wio (who blew everybody away that night) and slowcore rockers deluxe Mote.
It was a thrilling time with a Dutch label (Rotten Windmill) signing Wio and Mote to release their first ep’s and Toothpick becoming a kind of familiar “name” within Belgian underground circles.
The second Toothpick-festival was a legendary affair with no less then 6 hours of delay and most Toothpick-members too drunk to realize whatever what was happening. A + 300 crowd showed up at Utopia in the tiny village of Jabbeke. Nobody expected this, and it turned out to be the end of the road for Toothpick. Some small discussions started and we all decided to let Toothpick go … into history (...)

Os albums favoritos cá por casa, säo:

Lali Puna - Safe Side, 7".1998
Pan American - Quarry, 10".1999
Köhn - Koen, 2cd.2002
Es - Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys, cd.2004

Fim de Semana

Cá estamos nós em mais um fim de semana, nublado, frio, desgostoso mas é fim de semana.

Ontem e hoje já rodaram por aqui pessoas que merecem o meu respeito, entre elas, os senhores Vladislav Delay, William Shatner, Andrew Bird, Archer Prewitt, só para referir alguns. Näo pensem que me esqueci do sexo oposto, a senhora M.I.A. e a senhora Nicolette também deram o ar de sua graca.

Como podem ver na barra lateral, estive ontem um pouco ocupado a fazer a seleccäo dos melhores entre os melhores e quem merece estar aqui. Na parte dos "Blogs Musicais", estäo representados, na sua maioria, colegas do Forum Sons. Nos "Blogs Vários", como podem perceber pelo nome, estäo os outros que näo se enquadram na seccäo musical, os chamados blogs generalistas. Sobre o resto das seccöes, escrevo mais tarde, näo pode vir tudo ao mesmo tempo.

Agora deixo-vos aqui algumas propostas para estes dois dias em familia, com amigos ou fica ao vosso critério de escolha.

Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock: The Story Of The Incredible Bongo Band, 2lp.2001 [Strut Records] Jazz, Rock, Breaks, Fusion
Ricardo Villalobos - Thé au Harem d'Archimède, 3x12".2004 [Perlon] Minimal, Tech House
Salmonella Dub - Killervision , cd.1999 [Salmonella Dub] Electronic, Dub
Subtle - A New White, cd.2004 [Lex] Hip Hop, Electronic, Experimental

Tenham um bom fim de semana e até logo.
sexta-feira, março 18, 2005

Ultima Compra

Apesar de arranjar muita coisa no circuito um pouco ilegal, näo quer dizer que por aqui näo se compra.
Ontem chegou o mágnifico novo album da Nicolette - Life Loves Us , cd.2005 [Monocromatica], editora esta, chefiada por um colega do melhor forum da Internet, espreitem Forum Sons.

quinta-feira, março 17, 2005

Sons do Dia

Turntable, electrónica e mais outras coisas que muitas vezes näo dá para perceber.

Em fim de dia, deixo aqui uma lista do que se ouviu hoje cá por casa:

Aljon - Neirosteps , cd.2004 [Atracktor] IDM, Experimental
Ana da Silva - The Lighthouse , cd.2004 [Chicks on Speed] Indie Electronic
Arovane - Icol Diston , cd.2002 [DIN] IDM, Ambient
Broadcast - Microtronics Volume 01 , cd.2003 [Warp] Experimental Electronica, Abstract
Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind EP , 12".2003 [Ai Records] Leftfield, Electro, IDM
Cujo - Adventures In Foam , 2cd.2002 [Ninja Tune] Future Jazz, Breaks
Deaf Center - Neon City EP , 12".2004 [Type Records] IDM, Leftfield, Experimental
Dntel - Life Is Full Of Possibilities , cd.2001 [Plug Research] Abstract, IDM, Ambient
Es - Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys , cd.2004 [(K-RAA-K)3] Ambient, Abstract
Excepter - KA , lp.2003 [Fusetron] Experimental, Leftfield
Four Tet - Rounds , cd.2003 [Spunk] Experimental, Ambient
Harmonic 33 - Extraordinary People , cd.2002 [Alphabet Zoo] Abstract, Downtempo
Hecate - Seven Veils Of Silence , cd.2004 [Hymen] Industrial, Breakcore, Noise

E assim se passou um excelente dia por aqui, procurem por eles, näo se väo arrepender.

O Instrumento de Trabalho

Olá a Todos!

Finalmente, arranjei paciência e talvez também um pouco de desejo de mostrar ao outros aquilo que sou.

Vou tentar actualizar o blog com alguma regularidade.

Bem vindos.